How it all started…..

Hi, I am James, and I am the guy heading the My Pad team. Let me tell you about myself, My Pad, and how all this came about.

I am a British guy who was born in Singapore, grew up shuttling between Hong Kong and the UK, went on extended visits to Southeast Asia and was educated in the US. I worked in several key cities in the world, but I found myself in the Philippines. I have had this love affair with everything Filipino, and the capital district of Manila, since the first time I visited the islands in the early 2000’s.

About a decade ago, I purchased a property in Makati, the capital district’s leading financial hub, but sold the property in late 2015 when business required me to travel extensively again. Whilst I owned the unit, I had my flat leased on short-term basis through AirBnB receiving fantastic returns twice or three times more than the regular annual rent. However, my hectic schedule prevented me from managing booking efficiently, and from attending to arriving and departing guests.

It was from this experience that My Pad was born.

Established in late 2018, My Pad Homes is a service-oriented property management company committed to delivering high-quality and personalised services to property owners and guests like.

At My Pad, we look after the properties we manage, as if they are our own. We assist property owners in preparing their pads for lease, and ensure that they are excellently maintained. Needless to say, we take care of your investment, and assist you to maximise profitability. An idle investment is not a wise one after all.

My Pad also looks after guests with the warmth and hospitality Filipinos are known for. Whether you are a busy entrepreneur, an expatriate temporarily assigned to the Philippines or scouting new business opportunities in one of Asia’s fastest growing economies, we will provide you with a home away from home.

In the future, we at My Pad hope to serve the other vibrant South East Asian cities of Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Phom Penh, Vientiane and Yangon.