MyPad brings you Furnished Apartments for Corporates

Corporate accommodation means renting a fully furnished apartment, for a month or longer, that’s customized to the needs of business executive in Metro Manila. You can either have a furnished apartment to yourself or share it with other work colleagues, depending on the type of corporate housing you require. The advantage from a short-term stay to a hotel is that you have more privacy, can invite guests over & do your own cooking. This is why most business executives say that they feel more at home when they visit a new city and prefer it when they can live in a condominium instead of a hotel.

We find suitable, high quality business apartments for you and your company!

Hotels often have fluctuating prices. Especially during trade fairs, prices in bigger cities can quadruple. With short term corporate accommodation such high price fluctuations are very rare which is why renting a fully furnished condo can save you sometimes up to 50% compared to a long-term stay in a hotel. We arrange customised on demand corporate services for executives and business travelers wanting more productive time spent whilst working in the Philippines.

For more information please email us on to arrange a face to face meeting with you or your companies human resources department.

Relocation Services

Moving to new city while attending to various professional commitments can be overwhelming.  MyPad understands this, and therefor came up with a range of services to help you adjust to your new surroundings. From simple tasks such as grocery shopping to more complicated one such as opening an account with a local bank and legal queries regarding the conditions of your stay, our team can assist you.

Finding a Pad

If you book a stay in one of our managed properties, MyPad can advise you which district or area is most suitable for you. Send our team a message briefly describing the purpose and duration of your stay, your budget and preferences for recreation, and MyPad will give you a short-list of recommended rental properties.

Settling into your Pad

Once you have arrived, you may avail of a MyPad neighbourhood familiarisation tour, which includes showing you to the nearest shopping areas, watering holes, cinemas, and places of worship. To make your familiarisation tour as efficient and effective as our team can, kindly send us a message giving as us an idea what you want to know about your new neighbourhood. 

Staying longer

Should business require you to stay longer later on, MyPad will assist you to secure a longer term for your current lease or, if this is not possible, help you find an alternative pad. If you want to view MyPad’s other managed properties personally, our team can accompany you should you wish to see the various neighbourhoods.

Other needs

Drop MyPad a message if you need help with anything. Our Team will get back to you, and let you know how we can help

Our Team will let you know if there is a charge for a particular service. Please email us on contact us or call support on +639174721124.

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