Huge Opportunities

Metro Manilas residential condominium supply has risen consistently over the past several decades. Way back In 2019 (Colliers Philippines data) estimated the number of units at 130000. Makati and BGC are currently the dominant areas of expansion. However rapid expansion is also occurring in a number of other areas and islands.

The size of the rental and sales market is therefore massive; For example, Housing Interactive as of 25 May 2023 lists 4099 condos for rent in Makati and 3278 in BGC. Many of these properties are owned by clients abroad.

Working for yourself, not By Yourself

MyPad has a franchise model focused on maximizing the opportunities that exist in the Philippines.

We want franchises to join the MyPad team and experience both growth and success.

Each franchisee has their own territory and runs their own business their way, you control your work-life balance, working for yourself, but with the support of MyPad and in the location that suits you best.

  • You are free to make your own decisions, always supported by us.
  • We’re here to assist with your initial business plans and growth strategies.
  • We will monitor and assist in managing the finances, making sure you are on track.
  • Our team will help set up and manage your portfolio of properties for sale or rent on our platform.
  • We will advise and assist with all your digital marketing campaigns. 


As a Franchisee with us you will benefit from the following:

Business Assistance
We aim to provide you with the knowledge and wisdom we have gained over the last 5 years with a comprehensive in house training program.

Brand Recognition
A big benefit that you receive is our brand. If you start a business from scratch, you would have to build your brand and customer base from the ground up, which would take a lot of effort and time.

High Success Rate
You will have a higher success rate than in a solo business. As we have already proven the MyPad business concept, you have reassurance that services you’ll be offering are in demand and work.

Potential Profits
The MyPad model if followed will produce superb profits.

Lower Risk
Starting a business is risky. This is true whether a business owner is opening an independent business or purchasing a franchise. That being said, the risk is lower when opening a franchise with MyPad.

Assistance Finding Customers
One of the biggest struggles of any new business is finding customers, we will help you find them and market your properties.

Being Your Own Boss
A franchise with MyPad gives you the benefit of being your own boss without the risk of starting your own independent business.

24/7 & 360 Days Support
Starting a new business anywhere in the world is always daunting. In the Philippines it  can be especially challenging due to all the  arcane rules and regulations.

Join the team at MyPad!

Joining the MyPad family as a franchisee will improve your business success by providing an opportunity to grow your business whilst having the full and proven support of the MyPad brand and it’s senior management team.

You will be able to control your work-life balance to your rules – working for yourself, not by yourself. What’s the cost? Becoming a franchisee will require a modest financial commitment dependent on the territory and ongoing fees that reduce with your success. We’ll help you reach your customer base!

Begin your MyPad journey to success. Contact us today to discover more.

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