In the Philippines, everyone is family. At My Pad, we live by the spirit of bayanihan (or camaraderie). When you are not around, we look after your property as if it were our own. Because at My Pad, your home is our responsibility.

The Logo

My Pad is British slang wording, which translates to ‘My Home.’ Our logo features the nipa hut, a traditional dwelling found in agricultural communities in the  different provinces in the Philippines. Constructed using light weight and indigenous materials, nipa hut could be uprooted and relocated to more arable lands.

To us, the nipa hut symbolises our common yearning to be home.

The Facts

In this era of globalisation and borderless economies, people move and are constantly on the move for work. And Filipinos perhaps make up one of the largest, if not of the largest, expatriate communities in the world. The Philippines has become one of Asia’s fastest growing economies with a continuously expanding real property industry.This growth in the property industry has been stimulated by the investment by overseas Filipinos and expatriates who have come to call the Philippines home. Significantly, My Pad noticed that most of these ‘investment properties’ remain vacant for most of the year, but are kept due to property owner’s yearning for a home in the Philippines. Sadly, deterioration comes with non-use of property.

We commit to take care of your home while you are away and offers you an opportunity generate income through short-term rentals, part of which can finance maintenance costs.  We to take to heart our responsibility of maintaining your home the way you left it. You may not take your home with you, but we make sure your home stays & remain’s in tip top shape. Because at My Pad, “Your home is our responsibility”

The Business Concept

My Pad provides overseas Filipino and expatriate landlords with full property management and related services. My Pad assists property owners to earn a reasonable return on their property investment while ensuring that their units remain in excellent condition.In order for property owners to earn income while they are away, My Pad leases managed units (with owner’s consent, of course) on short-term bases.

MyPad generally caters to business executives & leisure travellers who prefer the comforts of home over the basic comforts of business hotels.

The Sketch – (Manong Johnny & Kuya Boy)

The Contact

For more information on partnerships, affiliate agreements, landlord representation, and any commercial business or joint venture decisions please email Mr James Carstairs on james@mypad.com.ph