Pointers on How to Stage an Empty Home on a Budget

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The concept of home staging is relatively new, but is also closely related to the notion of interior design. However, the two concepts differ in that the concept of home staging is largely for the purpose of making a unit (residence or condominium unit appealing to potential buyers.  Home staging has the end situation of making the unit very appealing to the buyer such that he is persuaded or makes the decision to actually purchase the unit.

This article will talk about how you can stage an empty condominium unit and make it attractive for potential purchasers and renters.

For home stagers or property developers, you will first want to determine who is your target market? Here at MyPad we cater to Executives and Professionals so designing for this specific target market is a major consideration for our team. The second major consideration is the budget. What is a workable budget for your specific space? If you have a studio unit, make sure to maximize your budget by putting all the necessary furniture pieces in your pad and use dual function furniture.

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Like this ottoman that functions as a storage, a center table or a lounger for your cat.

You must see to it that the budget for each home or unit staged is fit for your target market to avoid unnecessary expense. Furnishings must be readily available when staging a home since time is of the essence and more often, knockdown furniture is cheaper than customized pieces.

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Create a condominium unit that is quite easy to maintain, or that is minimalist when it comes to furnishings, with simple yet tasteful accents. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to be collected. The living room can easily flow into the kitchen, or even into the sleeping area for bachelor/bachelorette pads, and you can create a defined workspace for them – be within or beside the living area, or within or beside the sleeping quarters, and the like.  For couples, there could be a cozy space within the living area where they can bond together after work, where they could watch a film or a show together, or play board or card games together. Local condominium units usually do not have much space, such that the living area must also double as the bonding area for busy individuals and their family and friends who come to visit them.

It also should be noted that you should be able to answer all questions by the potential buyers immediately. Where can I get this table? Or where did you get the tile used in the bathroom? These are questions that must be answered immediately by you as the main resource person, so that the potential buyer/viewer can make immediate decisions when faced with something that they may already like and would like to purchase subject to a few questions that need immediate replies. You should have all the necessary information and must anticipate all the questions of the viewers and buyers.

There you have it; home staging is actually easy and fun. Go try and mix up a few pieces here and there!

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