Home Styling Principles you Should Know & Remember

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There are crucial home styling principles that you need to take note in order to create a home that looks elegant yet easy on the budget. Here are some principles that will get you through any styling efforts:

  • Repetition – This is done in different elements of color, texture, shape and sizes. The visual experience is unified and you can elicit a feeling that your home has been well-thought out and done by a professional team. One way that you can use this principle is the multiple or serial format. This means that you make different versions of the same piece. They are arranged so that they can be viewed together. Remember that repetition in your home can be used by employing patterns.
  • Balance – A balanced design creates a sense of even distribution of the different elements resulting in a steadiness that is pleasing to the eye. The balance effect must not be rigid, though, because this can become quite boring. In order to achieve this in your home, locate a focal point of your space so that the eyes are drawn first to that such as a TV or a big piece of art. After doing that, arrange the objects on the sides. This could be a conversational piece of furniture which could be located on one side of the focal point and then another furniture on the other side to balance that out. To identify which object is best positioned there, you need to make sure that this is of equal visual weight in terms of color, size or texture.  You can play around with other objects and see what the effect would be on you, first and foremost.
  • Harmony – Another important principle is harmony. This unified feeling of all elements in space is definitely the result of proportion, repetition, balance and scale. Harmony is that feeling we get that each item in any particular space is pleasing to the eyes and definitely working in union with the rest of the elements. Harmony can be achieved in your home by not putting in a hodge-podge of materials that are not connected with each other. Each furniture must have a relation with the other elements like a lamp at the far end of the room that gives a dramatic effect to the rest of the elements.
  • Scale – This is defined as the relationship between two or more objects. This is important because this principle is critical when it comes to putting different elements in place.
  • Proportion – This is usually done with Scaling and this is used in the home in order to create a visual hierarchy that focuses on its good features. It refers to a general relationship in size of two objects.  If you want to put a room together, remember that you need to test the proportion between two items.

In essence, the eye for design must be foremost in your mind as you apply these principles in coming up with your condo.

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