Discerning Guests

Booking an Airbnb rental already offers a unique experience in its own that’s typically not found in a traditional hotel – some hosts, however, have really gone out of their way to offer some unbelievable vacation stay experiences.

Are you on the lookout for a unique space to stay in the Philippines? Perhaps a romantic getaway spot that offers unbelievable local cuisine, an elegant boutique resort right in the middle of the bustling city centre, a charming countryside hotel with stunning landscape serving as the backdrop or an exquisite and fairly unusual honeymoon site – such wonderfully endless possibilities

The everyday “book a room at an ordinary hotel or guesthouse” can lose its steam for some of us and we need something that gives us a more singular feeling of wellbeing, inner peace and comfort, as well as relaxation and sheer joy. Unusual spaces like these do exist – My Pad puts you directly in touch with hosts who offer accommodation to those looking for one-off places to make their stay extra special and memorable.

Why Choose an “Unusual Space” to Rent?

“Unique Spaces” is now an actual classification on Airbnb – boats, yurts, treehouses, a beagle-shaped house lovingly dubbed Sweet Willy and an igloo. Yes, you read that right, an actual igloo accommodation.

Looking for a more family-oriented space? There are collections of homes that come ready with books, toys and current-generation gaming consoles. It’s all there! If you have a wish, we can make it happen at My Pad.

Looking for a customised accommodation that’s not officially available on Airbnb? Just because it isn’t there doesn’t mean it does not exist. We offer unique space accommodations to select guests who are looking for something extra unusual and extraordinary.

We are your go-to booking platform for finding a very different and unique kind of hospitality experience. From simple and rustic places in remote locations to dreamy mansions on islands, we have access to all.

A Glimpse of What to Expect

Ever fancy staying in a caravan, complete with modern furniture and amenities? Only on Airbnb can you find something like this – a fort for grownups. Go ahead and indulge; that’s another one you can tick off your bucket list. Experience firsthand how much fun it can be staying in a caravan out in the wilderness. There’s nothing to worry about though – a private shower, bathroom and kitchen are just some of the amenities you’ll find.

Camp in the forest, retro style, and when you need a little down time (yes, sometimes we need down time away from down time!) enjoy a relaxing game of cards in the spacious living room.

Ever heard of a houseboat? Well, here’s your chance at vacationing inside a ‘floating retreat’. Take in stunning views of some of the most amazing lakes in the Philippines as you watch the sun go down with your loved ones. Prepare your favourite feasts for the family in a fully equipped kitchen, complete with state-of-the-art coffee machinery.

We’ll help you put together the perfect staying experience – just fill out the contact form to get started. For any additional queries, please write to us at [email protected].