Boutique Resorts

Boutique resorts and B&Bs have long since used Airbnb to market their offerings – My Pad is an extension of this. We offer new tools and partnerships which help resort owners thrive in the local hospitality community.

At My Pad, we are dedicated to working with boutique resort and B&B owners to help them offer the very best guest experience possible. In a boutique resort rental world where things are becoming increasingly complex and competitive, our partnership with you entails unique opportunities to better engage a constantly growing number of business & leisure travellers, who settle only for exceptional hospitality and a highly authentic local staying experience.

Our innovative resort rental management solution makes it easy and convenient for you to reach fine resort travellers in a variety of locations in the Philippines. We’re talking millions of potential guests who use Airbnb’s services every day, and want nothing more than a memorable and high-end staying experience.

Provide your guests with the locally-influenced experience and unique resort accommodations they’ve been after, all at the click of a few buttons.

Breakthrough for Resort Property Managers

We are your go-to marketing channel for resorts of all sizes in the Philippines. We help resort managers and owners connect with their best customers at Airbnb. Our team will not only take care of the marketing but also offer full reservation support and listing optimisation through a dedicated 24/7 virtual assistant.

At My Pad, we have revolutionised what is possible when it comes to boutique resort marketing. Our dedicated team lists and maintains accommodation availability for each one of your resorts. As soon as a booking is confirmed, we instantly update its availability at the Airbnb rental place and your PMS.

Through our unique platform, you can significantly ramp up not just your visibility but your bottom line as well. Our innovative multi-unit distribution system unlocks access to a massive customer base in the Philippines who are looking to book a resort through Airbnb. Due to our well-executed marketing solution, you can book guests who not only stay longer but are willing to spend more all year round.

Proper listing optimisation is a critical element when it comes to successfully advertising your resort on a rental marketplace like Airbnb. Our marketing team obsesses over imagine quality, content accuracy, pricing, availability and reviews – all components which seamlessly come together to place your property listing on top.

We elegantly combine your rental unit calendars into one listing, be they single rooms, condos or other types of units. As long as there are travellers looking for an unbelievable resort experience and accommodation, your listing calendar stays live on Airbnb, beaming and welcoming people to have a closer look.

We are proud to be Airbnb property management experts and excel in the craft of digital media marketing for your resort. Gain access to highly sought-after guests who demand only the finest boutique resorts in the Philippines.