Sharing Unique Spaces with My Pad

Looking for “above average” travellers to book your unique space on Airbnb? Let’s be honest here – there’s a select group of people who are interested in going out of their way to make their stay in Philippines memorable and adventurous.

While the average traveller is simply interested in booking a comfortable room with functional amenities, our above average one is looking for ways to make it unusual and exciting – picture a hammock next to a hut that’s a good distance away from civilization, a banka boat trip to various idyllic beach settings or a locally cooked meal for foodie lovers with your home stay hosts.  .

If you own such a unique space, we have the means and marketing muscle to get you in touch with travellers who are willing to pay top currency to avail such a unique and exquisite experience.

Getting “High-end” Travellers and Unique Space Owners Together

You have a unique space to market and there are people out there who are looking for ways to explore a new travel lifestyle. Our digital marketing team has the skills, know how and experience to market your unique space in a way that makes it an irresistible travel destination for anyone looking to make their stay in the Philippines that much more adventurous.

We have the crew to ensure that every inch of your unique space is well kept, including cleaning and maintenance, or utility bill payment, if it is indeed still a part of the modern civilization that is!

Unique spaces on Airbnb need to be marketed a specific way – if they are not, then travellers will find little reason to book them in the first place. From cleverly taken photos to accompanying descriptions and an easy booking channel, we will communicate with guests on your behalf and see to it that all rent dues are paid on time. The only thing required from you is a nod once all your service expectations from My Pad have been met and even exceeded.

To be honest, a treehouse or caravan has to be marketed very differently from, say, a condo or everyday kind of apartment in the middle of the city. The kind of people who look for unique spaces to stay in have a very different mindset next to the regular traveller. They have special needs and expectations.

At My Pad we understand how such travellers can be finicky about where they want to stay. We can help you save loads of time and energy that may otherwise be spent trying to find these travellers; while they do exist, they are often not as easy to find as someone who is simply looking for a place to stay in the city.

Your unique space needs to look marketable and innovative enough to coax these travellers – while ensuring everything is well kept to meet their appetite for style, thrill and adventure. We are your go-to source for managing your unique space in every sense of the word.

For any additional questions, please email us at [email protected] or fill in the contact form with your details