Keep that Airbnb Listing Clean and Pristine

If you are a overseas property landlord with a home to let, then one of your immediate goals are indefinitely higher income and better flexibility of short-term letting without any hassles getting in the way.

A successful listing that stands out on Airbnb is, in fact, the culmination of a number of interlinking processes and one of them is none other than housekeeping and laundry.

My Pad has an extensive background in the property rental industry which can help you manage not only turnovers but provide the absolute best hospitality experience for every guest that lets your property.

You Don’t Have Time to do the Cleaning & Laundry but We do

Chances are you have already stocked up your rental space with at least two sets of sheets for each bed coupled with a fair amount of towels. From time to time, they are going to need looking-after.

Save yourself loads of time and hassle by letting My Pad wash and dry all soiled items. We’ll do all the cleaning and laundry on your behalf either through your in-unit washer and dryer, the building’s laundry room or the closest Laundromat, if need be.

The linen in your room needs to be in absolute tip top shape. After all, guests renting property on Airbnb have come to expect a certain standard; dirty or low-quality linen is the last thing they want to see.

Make sure Homes are spotless for your Airbnb guests

We work hard to make sure that your guest straight away notices the smell and feel of a fresh bed with clean sheets and towels the moment they walk in. At the end of the day, they want nothing more than to be greeted by an immaculately clean and well-organised space – one that tells them that they have booked the right room with a high-end feel to it.

As an Airbnb host, you may be familiar with some of the pains associated with managing cleaners and making sure that they are where they need to be every single day. Issues crop up in the process like the guests accidentally taking the keys with them or toilet paper running low.

Frankly speaking, you need not be concerned with cleaner management – your job is to keep your guests happy by letting us oversee everything that has to do with cleaning and laundry. One bad cleaning is all it takes for someone to leave a negative review.

Leave all your turnover cleaning to us – we’ll do everything from inventory checks to cleaning the bathrooms, keeping supplies in check and making sure the bed linen looks, smells and feels right at all times. The cleaning crews we coordinate with are very friendly and punctual – they have extensive experience in short-term rental laundry and cleaning.

So you focus on your guests while My Pad handles all the dirty work. It’s that simple. Even if you give your guests the warmest of welcomes, a badly kept room isn’t getting you any stellar reviews. We’ll fully clean your unit as part of our premium management package and if required, regularly change the bed linen and all bathroom supplies.

If you’d like to meet one-on-one with My Pad’s housekeeping & laundry account manager, please feel free to email James Carstairs on [email protected].