Stunning Interior Design & Spaces to Push Your Listings Higher

Let’s understand something: listing a property on different channel partners is just one tiny aspect of securing a contract. It has to grab people’s attention when potential tenants glance at it initially otherwise they will casually move on to the next listening.

Unless, that is, you have a good interior design and space which lets everyone know that they are securing a condo that truly stands apart. Let’s be honest – a beautifully decorated home can mean the difference between a tenant that gets people talking or one that is tossed aside.

What you need is a well-designed space to keep your place looking at its most desirable and attractive. Conversely, a place with a poor interior design means lower prices, slow rentals and bad reviews. It’s imperative that you start thinking along the lines of how to decorate your Airbnb rental space to attract high paying guests.

Home Interior Design – The Missing Link

When potential guests are looking for properties to let out, those which are even slightly reinvigorated can have a dramatic effect on rates and booking process. Properties listed on sites are graphic in nature – how a room appears can make or break your lead, with tenants ending up renting one of your rival’s rooms if the latter holds true.

Even replacing the wardrobe or giving the centre table a facelift can have a dramatic effect, helping you maximise occupancy rates.

Given the fact that you’re a distant host or most likely far too busy to manage this aspect yourself, the intertior design of your space can sometimes create a negative vibe, particularly when sitting down and meeting with a designer is not an option.

Utilise My Pad’s artistic design team and you can optimise your Airbnb listings in a way that best suits your style and budget. No matter where you are or what your priorities are, our experienced designer will cater to all your needs. Once an evaluation of all your listings has been conducted, we’ll provide you with a design package that includes everything from the concept visualisation and purchasing lists to set-up and purchasing advice.

Why Choose My Pad as Your Interior Designer

Since you’re the host, you have the final say in everything that materialises inside your space. You’ll be getting a comprehensive design package that you know your guests will fall in love with. We offer a variety of design packages to enhance how your listings appear, making it highly desirable for guests to choose yours over others.

Whether it’s interior design and branding, general and interior construction or contract furniture and interior, MyPad has the skilled craftsmen who will undertake all the architectural, interior design, engineering, furniture and decor jobs to make sure that you are offering some of the very best corporate letting spaces CBD’s in Philippines.

You may be a landlord looking to spruce up his/her property before putting it up on various sites or a boutique hotel owner who needs to rack up revenues, we supply all the installation, carpentry, and painting works to give your property that “next level” feel.

If you’d like to meet one-on-one with MyPad’s in-house interior designer, please feel free to email James Carstairs on

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