Making your Home COVID Free & Clean for Guests

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Nowadays, you can get really paranoid about disinfecting your house and making sure that the corona virus does not enter your home. It may feel rightly so, but it is really just a matter of getting used to the routine of disinfecting the common areas in your house. Any buyer or renter can feel safe the moment they enter your house because they can see that you have exerted extra effort to sanitize every nook and corner.

These are some of the ways you can insure that your house is clean and covid-free.

  • Make secure that you have a disinfectant positioned at the entrance of your house. It can be located at a conspicuous place and made more attractive with a simple décor beside it. Seeing that there is a hand sanitizer or alcohol at the entrance suggests that you have taken extra effort to make sure that your home is guaranteed sanitized.
  • Make use of disinfectants not toxic when inhaled. There are many available organic or non-toxic disinfectants that are environmental-friendly. When you purchase them and explain to the persons entering your house that you are conscious about using these materials instead of the usual harsh ones, which will then convince them that you have their welfare in mind.
  • Provide for a vacuum that will clean the hard-to-reach areas in your home. Making a vacuum available is a plus factor in having your house rented. These are the equipment that are usually nice to have.  The vacuum will be functional especially if there are rugs or curtains that need constant cleaning. There are many cheap vacuum cleaners available in the market today and this simple investment will go a long way in making life easier for your renter.
  • Clean surfaces especially the hard-to-reach crevices because you’ll never know if a renter or buyer is picky with dust that may be accumulating around the edges of a table or window. Let us just say that you need to be very meticulous in these areas because there are people who run their fingers on surfaces of the house to check if they are clean. Any dust that cling to their fingers reveals a lot to the potential renter.
  • Provide air purifiers that help reduce airborne contaminants. There are many available in the market that are value for your money. Do not scrimp on this especially during this time of the pandemic.
  • Provide cleaning equipment and situate them in locations that are hidden in a corner. This makes them accessible and provide a good and clean environment. If you provide ventilation equipment, it must be situated at a place that will minimize the air from blowing from one person directly to another individual.

These are just some of the guidelines that will nail the potential renter to seriously consider your place as the one they feel most safe and one they have long dreamed of.

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