Corporate Partnerships

Are you looking to become the future of urban living? Are you interested in understanding clever ways through which your clients’ Airbnb properties can enjoy improved rental value, reduced churn and accelerated lease up? You are certainly at the right place!

My Pad is always on the lookout to partner up with top property developers and managers in the Philippines to enhance the overall residential living experience for Airbnb users, while also increasing the property value of a building throughout its lifecycle.

High Flying Living

Airbnb residents these days are not just looking to rent a pad or have a temporary place to stay – they are looking to rent an entire lifestyle. And why shouldn’t they?

My Pad provides a smart and high-tech platform through which residents’ needs can be anticipated. For one, it can save you and your clients plenty of time each week, as only the most relevant rental properties are shortlisted.

Our teams are rigorously vetted and trained for exactly this kind of work – they are dedicated virtual assistants. Our mobile app and concierge technology provide a complete suite of services and neighborhood experiences that transform properties into entire communities.

So why not add a dash of luxury to everyday living to deliver a richer and more complete lifestyle upgrade to your clients? A lifestyle they desire and truly deserve when travelling to another country or city?

My Pad: Much More than an Amenity

The value physical amenities have is limited, much like the space they occupy. However, our turnkey hospitality platform makes service the ultimate amenity.

Through our mobile software and exceptionally well-trained hospitality staff, we connect every building’s amenities and services to boost their overall value, which helps building staff better manage the residential experience from the lease-up process to the renewal process.

My Pad is not just an amenity for property managers – it is a necessity which offers a clear edge over the competition.

Scalable Results in a Proven Partnership

Boasting a million home visits to date, hundreds of buildings and 30,000 homes already registered on the platform, My Pad has a proven track record of successfully partnering with top property managers and developers to better serve their clients.

We know what questions to ask so that your goals can be understood and expectations met wholeheartedly. We provide highly actionable insights and tailor our expertise to boost your business and market standing.

You are the future of urban living – contact us today to pick up the conversation over some really great coffee.