Student Accommodation in the Philippines

A combination of a dormitory, hotel, and condominium – or dormitels, as the students like to call them –  are in high demand these days, and parents of students are constantly looking to rent one each semester or calendar year. Today, they have also become a very hot commodity for property investors, builders and developers within and outside the Philippines.  

An acute lack of proper, high-quality student accommodation setups have led to the rise in the dormitel trend which has paved the way for major investment opportunities in the Filipino student marketplace – something that every ambitious developer and building owner should tap into.

At MyPad, we bridge the gap between dormitel owners, builders, investors, etc. and students, given the absence of premium quality buildings which parents of students so desperately want to rent within close proximity of their child’s university campus.

A Proper Student Management System for Dormitel Owners and Investors

Most dormitel owners and investors are away from their properties practically all year round – making it difficult to ensure that everything from student satisfaction levels to utility bills and tax payments as well as active property marketing, are catered to.

As an owner of a premium quality dormitel, you only need to be aware of the bottom line – i.e. how well your property is performing, how well it is maintained, whether the guests are happy, and that it is always occupied.

At MyPad, we bear full responsibility on your behalf to ensure that your property assets and investments perform well throughout the year and are always looked after properly, including the needs and demands of your guests.

We’ll manage everything for you including listing your property on popular listings platforms such as Airbnb,, Agoda, Rent Pad & more – communicating with guests through all phases of their stay – and ensuring regular upkeep and maintenance of your place, along with timely bill payments.

Enjoy the highest market value for you condodormitel in the Philippines, and allow us to bear all the stresses associated with managing that property so that you have more time for work and family.

Our expansive service also caters to parents who seek high-quality, fully-equipped student dormitels for their children – helping them manage all aspects of the student accommodation process from booking and reservations to payments and experiences.

Expert Dormitel Property Management Services Philippines

We understand that you want nothing more than to do away with all the stress associated with remotely managing your property, and finding worthy students to occupy your valuable condodormitel in the Philippines.

After all, it’s important to find the right tenants so that your property is not subjected to undue wear and tear – something which can unnecessarily rack up maintenance costs. In addition to ensuring that your property stays in tip top shape and is always presentable to future prospects, we’ll also ensure that all dues are paid on time by your current tenants.

Through expansive listings marketing on leading platforms, we guarantee the best rental pricing as well a high occupancy rate. Furthermore, our dedicated virtual assistant will see to it that all your guest bookings and communications are in order.

Fill out the hosting form & lets get started. Should you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].