Top 10 Tips on How to Paint your Pad Like a Pro

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Painting your pad may seem simple for you but doing it with flair and simplicity can be challenging. This is especially true since you want your place to be attractive to potential buyers or renters. The colors you select reflect your personality, creating a feeling of warmth and intimacy. Here are ten ways you can use paint to create your ideal home.

  • Remember that paint gives you the freedom to experiment with different hues and colors. For instance, you can choose to paint each room to exude the kind of feeling that an executive would want to be surrounded with. The paint and color would be different in a boy’s room or a master’s bedroom. In the same way, you can always choose whatever color will compliment all the other colors in the overall theme of the house.
  • Before you set out to paint the walls of a room, make sure that you inspect the wall for holes, cracks and dirt. Fill in the hole before anything else. You can use a putty knife and fine sandpaper to smooth out the walls. Allow this to dry before priming or painting.
  • You also need to wipe the dirt off the walls. You’d be surprise at the dirt that has accumulated on the wall.
  • Tape the edges of the wall so that you’ll achieve an even look. You need to press down the tape on the wall because paint can seep through the tape if not firmly done.
  • Before starting to paint, protect the floor with canvass, plastic or paper. Since you may not readily have canvass on hand, you can use old newspapers so that paint will not drip on them.
  • Begin by cutting in the paint on the wall. This is around 2 to 3 inches of paint so that the roller can easily slide across the area with an allowance at the edges. Painting it would even be faster and more professional-looking.
  • Paint the walls one at a time. Cutting in the paint at the edges of all the walls may be faster but the paint may dry off on the first wall you did. Thus, there is a slight difference in the look of the painting job because the first one you applied at the corners would have dried off before you began to paint the rest of the wall.
  • Color the room and spell the mood. Dark and vivid colors can revitalize you while pastel colors can be more relaxing. If the overall mood is relaxing and cool, then you can choose neutral colors and beige.
  • You can also choose to accent a wall with a touch of bold color in one corner. It may seem odd but it is your home, and you can always paint it as you prefer it to be.
  1. Look at all the possibilities that can happen when you vary the color of the paint. Don’t ignore the importance of knowing the color wheel because you will not go wrong if you employ the principles of it.

Paint is something you can play around in your home. Use this tool to immediately catch the attention of guests. Try contrasting colors to make a bold theme such as a black and white kitchen. Trims can also be painted in different complimentary or contrasting colors. When trims are painted in contrasting colors to the walls, it can add a feeling of royalty and opulence than if they were just painted in one color all throughout.

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