How to Turn your Studio into a SOHO Space

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Nowadays you need not have a big office to conduct your business. You can design it into a SMALL OFFICE HOME OFFICE (SOHO) and get the same productive results as when you rent a spacious one. In fact, keeping all paraphernalia compact and within your reach can maximize your productivity. If you want to create a feeling of productivity in your home despite its lack of space, you need to structure your office such that the furniture and equipment combine to make the place conducive to transacting business.

One creative way of doing this is to create spaces that utilize the best features of workspaces with highlights on flexibility. When your space is open and accessible to the elements that need to be present in an office, then this creates the illusion that it is ready to take on big projects. If your small office can have a good functioning printer, fax machine, photocopy machine and many other appurtenances, then you need not look for a big one. Going outside your home and renting a big office will just exhaust your funds unnecessarily. The key Is prioritizing what needs to be in that office space. A good Internet connection is a must at present. Meeting spaces can also take into consideration where people can have privacy for phone conversations and critical decision making.

Your home office can churn a lot of business opportunities when there is also a time to recalibrate and refuel once in a while. Situating the water station at the other end of the tables and chairs allows people to stand and move around. You must not diminish the importance of these relaxation and stretching moments of just walking around because a lot of people get their best ideas when they talk and stretch out. The insights may be brilliant and appropriate to the task on hand.  It is still best to keep yourself less anxious by going to other parts of your home and whipping up a sandwich that will rev you up before dinner.

Houseplants can also give a welcome break of green to the often equipment-ladened atmosphere. These plants are also a break for the eyes that dry up due to the constant work in front of the computer. There needs to be a break and when the atmosphere is toxic due to the amount of work, these plants can provide comfort and relaxation, as well as oxygen to the people inside the small cramped space. A SOHO tends to turn out to be an enviable place because of the presence of some green plants around it. This may seem simple to many, but situating air plants and other plants that exude sturdiness and largeness can also imply a busy office no matter how small it is.

Smartphones, iPads and tablets can help you organize your day or week. But, oftentimes, they become distractions to your work. You can lose momentum of what needs to be finished for the day if you constantly check on your cellphones and you end up catching up on your backlogs the next day. The culprit? Your cellphone that does not seem to stop giving notifications or messages that may just be viewed during lunchbreaks. Keeping your phone in a dedicated place can discipline you in attending to that which is more important.

Lastly, keeping your place clean and orderly can also clear your mind on what you need to concentrate on. Imagine a table or workstation that distracts you all the time. You will need to organize the little things such as paper clips, rubber bands, tapes in one organizer. Postponing this will not get you anywhere. You need to transform that small corner into a very efficient home office.

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