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People who rent or buy houses have their own favorite areas which can convince them outright that the house fits their taste. One of these is the bedroom. The bedroom is a place where you can let your hair down and just be yourself. It is the only place where you can be who you are without anyone judging you because no one else is around to invade your privacy. That is the reason why the bedroom must be compact and feel like you can breathe freely.

Bedroom 2 -

Making use of storage areas that are not only functional but pleasing to the eyes can be a deciding factor for renters/buyers out there. Imagine when one walks inside your bedroom and immediately sense the warmth of the surroundings. One can actually think that the space is wide because of its layout. There must be a sense of quietness and tranquility and this is achieved by the use of soft color schemes especially those cool shades of blue, light lavender and light green. When the colors are in harmony, the ambience becomes peaceful and serene. The sense of space is also achieved with a lack of clutter with an eye for comfort. There must not be any hard or sharp edges. A bedroom gets an air of sereneness when it is not flashy or screaming in attention.

Kitchen -

Another part of the house that convinces a buyer or renter to pursue it till the end is the kitchen. People give prime importance to the layout and style of a kitchen. Even with a small space, a good kitchen design never escapes the critical eye of a person who likes cooking or preparing dishes for the family. It is important, therefore, for a kitchen to provide functional space for free movement. A good kitchen must be able to provide space for at least three to four people to move around without bumping into each other. If the storage of the equipment and utensils are creatively executed, you have a plus factor in having your house bought or rented. There needs to be a space where the meat and vegetables can be cut and chopped and directed close to a stove or oven.

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Maximizing movements can be done with the proper layout of the appliances and utensils. Design must be able to achieve flexibility and accessibility. Every ingredient must be easily seen because of the way the pantry is designed and located. The kitchen must have task lights that illuminate the areas where one does the dicing, slicing and cutting. This also adds focus to the cook who needs to see every piece of ingredient that needs to go into the pot as well as those that must be thrown in the trash. The kitchen also must possess accent lights that will make the cooks inspired to work and whip up dishes that guests will remember.

These two rooms – the bedroom and the kitchen – ought to be done well so that your house will make a lasting impact.

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