Focus on More Important Things – Hire a VA for Your Homee Rental

So you’ve gotten the hang of running your Home rental unit. What’s the next step? You’re most likely finding ways to invest in another unit or a third. Or maybe you’re pressed for energy, and just looking to spend less time managing your  units and do other stuff like hit the beach, focus more on your day job or just spend quality time with the family.

No matter what your motivation, MyPad’s  virtual assistance can help you run things far more efficiently.

Landlord Property Management – Why Virtual Assistance is “in”

A skilled virtual assistance or VA, as they’re called, is someone who can work for you remotely on a part time or full time basis. Why do you need one to manage your home rental? They can handle anything from scheduling check ins/outs and emailing guests to marketing your property and communicating with guests over the phone.

We have specifically trained our VAs for property management. They are native fluent in English and Tagalog, and have super-fast internet connections. As you probably know, the Philippines is now dubbed the “VA capital” of the world, and we house some of the most skilled ones.

You can literally save so much time and energy by having someone take all your calls, bookings, email scheduling and check ins.

Why Hire a My Pad Virtual Assistant?

Our virtual assistants are highly trustworthy individuals and all undergo a detailed screening and background check, during which we ensure they do not have any criminal record, outstanding warrants or tickets. We like to play it safe and only induct VAs who don’t just speak immaculate English but also have an immaculate professional and personal track record.

You may be in a different time zone but that shouldn’t be a cause for concern at all because our VAs provide coverage around the clock – after all, providing coverage to answer questions and approve stay requests is important even as you sleep.

Sit back and enjoy your day as your My Pad virtual assistant effortlessly manages all the routine questions and communications to keep you right on top of your respective vacation rental listing.

Our virtual front desk assistants will handle all your listings as they have extensive experience in managing home rental listings. Have someone respond to every request with lightning speed 24/7 and boost your response rate rapidly.

Listings with the highest response rates perform the best on different channel partners. Why hire additional help and pay through the nose just to manage your listing when you can have all that done for you at more affordable rates?

Stay well informed throughout the week and stay in the know at all times – whether it’s an upcoming housekeeping call, utilities that need to be paid, guests that need to be welcomed or scheduled maintenance and upkeep of your premises – hire a virtual assistance at My Pad today and say goodbye to your property management woes for good.

If you’d like to meet one-on-one with My Pad’s virtual assistant manager, please feel free to email James Carstairs on [email protected].