What’s In and Out for Interior Décor Trends for 2021 in Philippines

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Just like fashion, interior design trends tend to change from time to time. While there are classic trends, some of the trends that are no longer “in” this 2021 are:

Accent walls –  an accent wall in a room is one that is colored differently from the rest of the walls in the same room. For instance, one could have three walls in the room colored white, whereas one wall could be colored grey or fuchsia. When this was trendy, it was thought that the accent wall would add a certain pop of color to a room. However, today, many find that this “pop” of color can be quite distracting. In this time of the global pandemic, many of us have had the opportunity to work and study from home. Hence, relaxing colors on the walls would certainly be an asset this year.

The All-White Look  - Mypad.com.ph

The All-White Look – white interiors are difficult to maintain. In a tropical setting, wiping white walls with a damp cloth will leave muddy prints during the summer when it is extremely hot and dusty. Opt for more color and more life in your interiors.

Palm Prints - Mypad.com.ph

Palm prints – they are just too awful! As the “plantita” trend is here to stay for some time, then simply opt to keep living indoor plants in the home. Select from a bevy of indoor plants that thrive with minimum sunlight and water.

Here now are the new trends for this year:

Matching Furniture Sets  - Mypad.com.ph

Matching Furniture Sets – don’t be too dowdy! Opt for mix and match pieces that reflect your fun personality. The dining chairs don’t have to look like clones; just select differing and unique pieces that may have a common design element.  A wooden dining table can be supported a foam chair, a wicker chair, a wooden chair, even a steel chair! Please leave the monobloc chairs out! Everything matching these days tends to be a bit boring, don’t you think?

Industrial Design - Mypad.com.ph

Industrial Design – the “bodega” look is indeed interesting these days. One functional space now flows into the next functional space without the need for walls or doors. This is because more and more people are now working from home.  There is no great finishing budget needed to achieve the industrial look. Also, those in charge of cleaning will be overjoyed to find out that industrial floors are lot easier to clean, and even muddy shoes will not leave much of a mark on them.

Plants - Mypad.com.ph

Out with the living walls! They are so difficult to maintain, and invite a host of insects and pests to your inner sanctum. There is also the great potential for molds to form on the walls and other structures in the home. Indoor potted plants are far a lot easier to maintain, and provide the needed oxygen inside the home as well. For one’s veggies, it is also better to plant and grow them outside where they can get the needed sunshine and dew.

Well, there you have it! As they say, out with the old and in with the new!

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