Don’t Lift a Finger – Automate Your Short Term Property Management

You just finished furnishing your property rental condo in the Philippines, uploaded some irresistible pictures and created a listing offer that’s hard to refuse.

As a overseas property landlord, your next step is crucial, for it will determine whether your hard work and efforts fail to deliver any fruitful results or you are able to enjoy a steady and passive source of income.

Unfortunately, this is the part where most landlords fail – avoid the same mistake by hiring My Pad’s Short Term Property Management Services.

Why Automated Property Management is the Way to Go

Bookings will eventually start to roll in and when they do, you really need to separate your time from your income.

By letting an automated Short Term property management service like My Pad, you’re freeing up a lot of time for yourself. Here’s how:

  • Full condo maintenance including payment of utility bills

  • FREE home audit, provide recommendations and prepare property for Airbnb

  • Get your pad ready to start hosting guests travelling to Philippines

  • Handle the entire booking and enquiries process

  • Communicate with new guests throughout

  • Arrange for housekeeping and laundry

For anyone who is new to property hosting, you already know that owning each and every aspect of your property management lets you learn what works and what doesn’t. You learn what you can do yourself and what you should outsource. After all, do you really want to take time out from your busy schedule just to make the bed in your property, dust the place or scrub toilets?

By outsourcing a number of everyday property management responsibilities, you can easily get several 5-star reviews on My Pad.

Take it a Step Further – Automate Check in and Check out

Inarguably, one of the biggest concerns and sources of anxiety for tenants is checking in. A number of guest arrive late in the night fearing that there will be no sign of the landlord once they arrive, and it has happened on quite a few occasions, mind you.

Your goal should be to get your guests in and out of the property with ease, no questions asked. This will keep your guests happy because you have successfully anticipated their needs in advance.

An automated check-in/check-out process can separate your time from your revenue stream. Look at it this way – if you need to drive into town every time a guest wants to check in, you’re seriously cutting into your time and energy, as well as your profits.

Allow My Pad to handle all the check-in and out processes for you. Your guest will receive check-in instructions well ahead of time, including directions to the property and answers to frequently asked questions.

In short, MyPad takes care of everything your property broker does, at practically a fraction of the cost, and much more.

Our underlying goal is to get you the highest investment returns as an overseas landlord. Based on the short term rental model, we are able to achieve as much as a 30% increase from traditional long term lets.

In addition, we’ll provide you with comprehensive advice on how to make improvements to your property in order to enjoy higher income streams, and best practices for upgrading to multiple channel partners.

If you’d like to meet one-on-one with MyPad’s property management account manager, please feel free to email James Carstairs on

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